Denise’s Diary: My Treatment Plan

After working on my eating disorder at the residential treatment program, I moved on to receive treatment specifically addressing my OCD at the same facility. The treatment of my OCD included medication, Exposure-Response Prevention and Behavior Therapy. When I arrived at OCD Lake House #4 (my favorite number—I don’t know how I would have reacted […]

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Life with OCD: Finding Balance

Almost 11 years ago I was diagnosed with OCD. I finally—finally!—knew what was going on, and that meant I could get help. One of the first lines of defense against my intrusive thoughts was Paxil. The first few weeks were a mixed bag of effects: Dry mouth, brain “ticks,” and fatigue. I also started to […]

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Jessica’s Story

Obsessive compulsive disorder is made up of obsessions and compulsions which are typically followed by many unwanted ideas, thoughts images, and feelings. Some people think they have obsessive compulsive disorder just because that they are unable to walk on the cross walk or, or do something a certain way because it just doesn’t “feel right” […]

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