Denise’s Diary: To Save or Not to Save?

You may call it “Hoarding,” but I like to refer to it as “Saving it… Just in Case!”

When it came to throwing away things that belonged to my children, I simply could not do it…just in case!

“I might have another baby,” is what I said when it came to clothes, or, “I might want to use it for scrapbooking,” or, “I might want to make it into a quilt someday.” So, I kept it… just in case. I have mugs with the kids’ names on them from places we visited, jean jackets with New Kids on the Block buttons carefully placed on them, and little bags filled with odds and ends. I could NEVER part with anything they made for me or gifts they had bought and given to me—including the cards that accompanied the gifts. Multiply that by four children, (and now grandchildren) and that makes for a lot of priceless items.

When it came to craft supplies, or things that could possibly be used for a craft, I kept it just in case. This has led to more craft supplies than most craft stores carry. One day I came home and my husband told me the scrapbook store called and asked if I had a certain scrapbook item—Pretty funny! J My thought is there may come a time when I might need it just in case! Someday I might do ceramics or bottle cap art or maybe even paint a picture on canvas. Or maybe… the grandkids will use it. So, I keep it… just in case. (I do keep all the craft supplies in nice totes with covers and they are all labeled, so they are at least very organized).

Is this what you would call organized chaos? It is probably good that I have OCD to help keep my “Saving It Just In Case” under control and orderly. I guess, in a sense, I could be called a hoarder, but this was the least of my OCD worries.

(But, I can proudly announce that after saving approximately 250 of my children’s T-shirts and sweatshirts from sports, travel, and clubs they were involved in, I sewed memory quilts for each of them!)



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