Upstander of the Month: Kevin Chapman

My name is Kevin Chapman and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of anxiety and related disorders. I spent several years researching anxiety and related disorders as a professor at the University of Louisville until making the decision to open a full time private practice where I regularly assess and treat anxiety and related symptoms. The primary form of treatment that I utilize to treat OCD is Exposure and Response (Ritual) Prevention (EX/RP).

I initially became intrigued by the treatment of OCD in graduate school and saw my first client with OCD in 2004. My first experience in treating OCD involved a young man who struggled with contamination obsessions which led to debilitating rituals involving frequent showering, grooming, avoidance of “rusty objects,” light switches, and various objects within his own home. Needless to say, the treatment of this client required creativity and “thinking outside the box.” As such, the aforementioned client required frequent home visits since the majority of his distress occurred within his own home. Over the course of several weeks, this client significantly improved, was able to obtain both an undergraduate and graduate degree, and has been able to successfully manage the distress associated with OCD. This initial experience formed the foundation for my passion to treat OCD and related conditions.

Within my practice, I regularly see many types of OCD including obsessions associated with contamination (distress associated with thoughts of becoming sick or ill; washing and cleaning rituals are common), aggression (distress associated with thoughts of hurting myself or others; retracing routes on expressways due to fear of hitting a pedestrian is common), scrupulosity (moral obsessions associated with religion or moral code; praying and asking for forgiveness is common), “HOCD” (distress associated with sexual orientation when the individual identifies as heterosexual; avoiding the same sex is common), sexual obsessions (including distress associated with being a pedophile or committing a sexual violation of sorts; avoiding children and “attractive” persons is common) and other obsessions (to see a good clip of me and others describing this treatment, visit here: or my website here: Worth noting is the importance of treating OCD within and outside of the office setting. Home visits are often essential to successfully treating symptoms of OCD. Clinicians being flexible and creative in assisting clients in navigating their symptoms are critically important ingredients to treatment success. Along these lines, the utilization of technology in the treatment of OCD is definitely the wave of the future. Innovative software applications such as nOCD are critically important in making treatment more assessable, more efficient, and motivating.


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